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I Made 5 Internet Famous Brownie Recipes

Are you on the hunt for the best brownie recipe on the internet? With all of the options out there it can be so overwhelming trying to choose the perfect recipe. Lucky for you, we made 5 of the most highly reviewed brownie recipes online to help you find the right one for you. After all, not all recipes are created equal and you deserve to find the right recipe for you.

five different slices of brownies on a sheet pan.

Unlike our past recipe bake-off posts, we will not be ranking these recipes. Rather, we will be documenting the characteristics of each brownie and recommending a recipe based on various preferences.

Brownie Bake-Off Recipe Selection

As an amateur baker, I am always looking for ways to learn new things and gain new skills as a baker. So, in order to teach myself the basics I started making 5 internet famous recipes of any bake that I wanted to learn more about. With each recipe I was able to see how different ingredients, cook time, and technique affected the way a bake turns out.

This is how the “Internet Famous Bake-Off” series started on the blog. The way that recipes are selected are based off the number of reviews a recipe receives on the internet. The five recipes with the most reviews online are selected to teach me what I need to know about that bake.

Our Other Bake-Offs

Please keep reading to see our thoughts on the five highest reviewed brownie recipes online.

Love & Lemons Best Homemade Brownies

A corner slice of brownie from Love and Lemons.

With 5,030 reviews, this recipe has the third most reviews online. After trying all five brownie recipes, we found this to be one of our favorite recipes! The recipe is incredibly simple to make, which is always a bonus.

Best For: Chewy Brownies

Because this recipe uses olive oil instead of butter, the result is a nice chewy brownie. This is the only recipe out of all five that uses olive oil instead of butter and the result is a chewy texture and crispy edges.

You’ll also notice that the top of this brownie is more matte than the others and it lacks the coveted crinkly top. This is also due to the use of oil over butter. However, these brownies are seriously tasty and one of the best contenders, in our opinion!

The flavor is an ultra rich, moist dark chocolate that is not too sweet. It’s the perfect brownie for a sundae.

BBC goodfood Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

A corner slice of brownie from BBC Good Food.

With 2,514 reviews, this brownie recipe has the fourth highest amount of reviews online. However, we found this recipe to have, hands-down, the best flavor of the whole bunch! While it is the most labor intensive recipe you will find here, it is definitely worth the effort.

Best For: Fudgy Brownies

If you are looking for the softest, fudgiest brownies with the most complex flavor, then this is the recipe for you! This recipe uses three different types of chocolate – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

Because this recipe uses butter instead of oil, the brownies are fugdy with a shiny, crinkly top. This is also one of the two recipes that uses three eggs, instead of two, in the batter. The addition of the third egg adds more fat and moisture to the mixture and lends to the results of a fudgier brownie.

Do not let the instructions deter you from making this recipe! It is the most labor intensive out of all five, but the steps individually are quite simple.

One helpful note when making these brownies, after melting the butter and chocolate together, pour the mixture onto a quarter sheet pan to speed up the cooling process.

Preppy Kitchen Brownie Recipe

A corner slice of brownie from Preppy Kitchen.

With 1,247 reviews, this recipe has the fifth highest amount of reviews online. I am always so excited to include recipes from Preppy Kitchen, like in our sugar cookie bake-off, since I have learned a lot from his blog and YouTube videos. As always, his recipe does not disappoint! These brownies are perfect for gooey, super chocolatey brownie lovers.

Best For: Gooey Brownies

Just like the BBC goodfood recipe, this recipe uses butter and three eggs, so they are nice and fudgy with a shiny, crinkly top. However, this recipe goes a step further and has a whopping 260 grams (yes, you read that right… 260 grams) of dark chocolate chips in it. As the batter bakes in the oven, all of those chocolate chips melt and result in an ultra gooey brownie.

This is the only recipe to use both granulated sugar and brown sugar. And, it is the only recipe that uses coffee, which is a shame! Coffee is a great way to enhance the chocolate flavor. It really helps bring a nice balance to the flavor profile of the brownies that cannot be understated.

Tasty Best Fudgy Brownies

A corner slice of brownie from Tasty.

With almost 17k reviews, this recipe from Tasty is the highest reviewed brownie recipes I could find on the internet. That is one of the highest reviewed recipes I have ever seen to date! This brownie is fudgy, with crispy edges, and a shiny, crinkly top.

Best For: Classic Brownies

If you’re looking for a classic brownie, you might try this one. It has all of the elements you’d look for, while being simple to make. Most people will have all of these ingredients on hand and can whip up these brownies on a whim.

While tasting this recipe, my husband said the flavor strangely “resembled cookies.” I think it’s due to the fact that these brownies taste very, very sweet and are pretty buttery. Beware the level of sweetness in this one though!

AllRecipes Best Brownies

A corner slice of brownie from AllRecipes.

The second highest reviewed recipe is from AllRecipes with 13,548 reviews. That’s a lot of reviews! While this was not one of our favorites, it is clearly popular. It’s a thin, dry brownie that is more like cake than a brownie, but to each their own.

Best For: Cakey Brownies

This recipe was incredibly simple to make. It differs from all of the rest because this is the only recipe to use a rising agent and the only recipe that called for frosting. The use of baking powder definitely contributes to the cakey texture and the frosting only solidifies that this is a cake recipe masquerading as a brownie recipe.

While recipes from this site tend to be highly reviewed, they are usually not a favorite in our house. We have used them in almost all of our past bake-off posts, due to the number of reviews they have, but they are always on the bottom of the list. They are always simple recipes, but don’t tend to have great results.

I would recommend this recipe for an early, early beginner who wants a simple recipe or someone who loves a cakey brownie with frosting on top. I might argue that you want cake, but you do you!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! After baking five of the highest reviewed brownie recipes on the internet, I have definitely learned a few things.

I learned how to achieve different textures in brownies. If you want a fudgy brownie, be sure to use butter instead of oil and add an extra egg. If you want a chewy brownie, use oil instead of butter. If you want a cakey brownie, use a rising agent like baking powder.

I learned is how to achieve different flavors in brownies. If you want a more complex chocolate flavor, use a combination of different chocolates. If you want to enhance the chocolate flavor, add coffee. Butter is typically better for the flavor profile of your brownies, but olive oil can help cut through the sweetness.

With everything I have learned in this bake-off, I plan to create my ultimate version of a brownie. Stay tuned! What do you like in a brownie? Let us know down in the comments below! We love to hear your feedback.