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My Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes

For most people, the world of makeup can be pretty intimidating. Almost every one of my girl friends has taken a look at my makeup stash and gasped “I don’t know where to start!” It’s funny to think my first eyeshadow palette was a three-in-one little thing that was barely pigmented and full of fallout. I really thought I was a glam queen with my $4 Elf Baked Eyeshadow Trio.

It’s taken me a few years, and a lot of YouTube tutorials later, but I’d like to think that I’ve cultivated some pretty good staples for my collection these days. While I own roughly 20-30 eyeshadow palettes now, I thought I’d share five of my favorites. These palettes will take you from an everyday look to a full glam moment. Because, we know a girl needs options!

Before we get to my picks, be sure to bookmark my guide on how to blend eyeshadow.

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Quick Lessons I’ve Learned

My recommendation for someone who wants to start a good collection would be to start following talented and quality makeup artists online. Take your time getting to know them and watching their content before purchasing any of the products they recommend to see if their style is similar to what you’re aiming for.

It can be easy to get sucked into buying every product that is recommended, and I promise you don’t need that many to actually produce a fire look. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products available, I’d suggest starting small and with products recommended by artists you trust. 

For example, I have followed Lydia Millen-Gorden online for a few years and absolutely adore her content. However, I did not purchase anything she recommended until I had followed her long enough to know that she only recommended products she really believes in and loves. Still, the first product I bought on her recommendation was one she has mentioned in almost every one of her videos, not because she’s sponsored to do so, but because she truly loves the product.

So, I finally broke down and purchased the serum (it’s pretty pricey) and found that it is, indeed, worth all the hype. It will be a staple in my makeup collection from now on and further strengthened my trust in my favorite influencer.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette
image via

I’d say this could be the only palette you own and you’d always have the options you need.

I feel like I was really hitting my stride with makeup when I purchased this beauty. I had finally practiced and sampled enough makeup to know what to do with all of the colors and be able to appreciate the palette that I purchased. I’ve had it for about three years and used it almost every time I’ve applied any eyeshadow.

It has the perfect shade for the brow bone and tear duct and I have yet to find anything that remotely compares. I love the versatility of this palette and I’m not alone in that – it’s a very popular item! You can create pretty much any look you’d like with it. There’s many tutorials on this on YouTube if you’re overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options it provides.

Huda Beauty New Nude

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette
image via

I’m such a sucker for a good mauve eyeshadow look and this palette DELIVERS that in abundance. I think these neutral tones would look good on anyone, but especially on gals with brown eyes. This palette is a real winner because it provides beautiful neutral tones with some striking statement ones that marry so well together.

It’s also one of those eyeshadow palettes that allows the less experienced to successfully practice without getting overwhelmed since every shade goes well with the other options in the palette.

KKW Beauty Cherry Blossoms

KKW Beauty Cherry Blossoms Palette
image via

I’ve lost track of how many compliments I’ve received when wearing this eyeshadow palette! Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but her makeup line is impeccable. The colors in this palette are simply stunning and the application is amazing.

While I am addicted to shimmer shadows, this palette also has perfect neutral shades to mix with the shimmers or to wear alone for a soft look. The minimal fallout, rich pigmentation, and color range make this palette an excellent choice for your collection. This, like the New Nude palette mentioned above, is a great option for those who are newly into makeup. Since all of the shadows work well together, you’re less likely to become overwhelmed when choosing which shades to apply.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette
image via

This palette is perfect for travel. It’s small and provides a beautiful, soft look for when you’re on the move. I like to pack compact palettes that give me a nice, but easy look to create while I am out of my element. I prefer a more “everyday” look when traveling and this palette is just that!

I’d always wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury’s products, but was hesitant on the price (it’s $53 for this tiny thing). I finally splurged on this baby about a year ago and discovered that her products are worth it. I love that she provides a simple, everyday look that is so easy to create but still very pretty. While you don’t get a lot of options with this, I think it’s perfect for beginners, everyday looks, and travelers.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Travel Size

Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Size Palette
image via

I actually got this palette in TJ Maxx for about $10 and didn’t expect much from it at the time. To my surprise, this little one has become one of my most used palettes to date. It has come on every trip I’ve taken since I got it and my go-to when I don’t quite know what to do with my face.

This is a great neutral palette that would look good on anyone and is pretty simple to use. I know it doesn’t look very fun, but it’s honestly one of the prettiest looks in my arsenal. While this travel size is pretty much impossible to find these days, there is a full size version that I fully intend on purchasing as soon as possible.