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20 Awesome Amazon Finds

It’s interesting to think what life was like before Amazon Prime came into my life. In the old days, you were never quite sure what you would receive when you gambled on an Amazon order. Would it be three times smaller than you thought it would be? Would it arrive broken? Would it looking NOTHING like the product image? We can finally say those scary days over over and it’s Amazon Prime for liiiiiiiiife!

Listen, I don’t have to sell you on the magic that is Amazon. We all love it. I’m just here to tell you about some seriously awesome products that I’ve found.

Bongtai Hot Air Brush

I’ve always struggled in the hair department. I have a lot of hair and no idea how to manage it. I’m also far too lazy to actually learn to style it. I only learned to curl my hair about three years ago and I’m not even all that good at it.

While I know that I am not the type of person to warrant a fancy and expensive hair tool, I still looked at the crazy expensive hair tools that all the Instagram influencers are #paid to rave about, and wondered if such tools would change my life. But, let’s be real, I am not going to spend $500+ on a hair tool. Nope. Never. Not even sorry.

So when I saw this hot hair brush mentioned online, I gave it a shot since its only $40. Y’ALL. I am transformed. This tool is all the magic that I have been missing and it’s so affordable.

It blow dries and straightens your hair at the same time. I’m sure you can do a lot more with it, but I am a hair dummy and more than satisfied with the blowout I can achieve with it. I’ve timed myself and it takes me 20 minutes from start to finish with wet hair. Never in my life have I been able to do anything with my hair in 20 minutes. Pure magic!

I’m so excited about this hair tool that I immediately purchased one for my mom, as well.

Huas Laboratories Makeup

I have been a fan of Lady Gaga from the beginning and was so freaking excited to try out her makeup line. I was even more excited that I would be able to purchase her products on Amazon instead of Ulta or Sephora. I can report back that each product that I purchased from her line is impeccable. Everything is great quality and really affordable.

My favorite product that I have tried so far is the liquid shimmer shadow in the shade “Aphrodite.” I plan to purchase more products in the future to play with!

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is very important for personal hygiene and maintaining your brushes. I recently upgraded to a few sets of Sigma makeup brushes and now that I have quality brushes, I want to make sure that I am taking care of them. I purchased this makeup brush cleaner for $32 and it’s been a great addition to my makeup collection.

One of my favorite features is that it dries the brushes immediately after cleaning them. I also love that the whole process happens completely in the cleaning bowl and you don’t have to get old makeup product all over your hands.

Small tip, make sure that that you keep the brush completely IN the bowl while the handle is spinning or you will get foundation colored water all over the bathroom.

Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights

This little guy has come in so handy for plucking my eyebrows, cleaning out my blackheads on my nose, and applying makeup in tricky spots. I’ve had lots of magnifying mirrors in the past, but they were never a good height for the things I needed it for. I like that this is hands free and you can adjust the placement of the mirror wherever you need it.

Blackhead Remover Set

I saw this recommended by @iluvesarahii on instagram at the beginning of the year and it has been amazing! I spent far too long removing the blackheads on my nose with a bobby pin (a weird technique I saw online in high school and one I don’t recommend). For $9, it’s one of the most beneficial beauty tools in my arsenal.

I typically use this set once a week to remove my blackheads. It’s very easy to use and clean. Now that I have a real tool to take care of my blackheads, I am much more consistent in maintaining them. No more wacky texture under my foundation for me!

Drawer Organizer Set

This set has changed the game for me! I can’t believe I used to just throw things in drawers and dig around for them like a peasant. Seriously, for $20 these organizer sets will upgrade your life in such a big way.

I primarily use these in my makeup and skincare drawers at the moment. Not having to aggressively dig around for my eyeliner pen makes me so happy! I plan to get more of these for other drawers around the house because you can never be too organized.

Colorful Koala Leggings

I’ve bought leggings at about every price point and I think it’s safe to say that these are some of my favorite leggings ever! I’m actually wearing them as I write this post. Now that I work from home, I wear these just about every day.

I like soft, stretchy leggings that aren’t too compressive and these leggings are just that! They’re also only $23 instead of $80-$100 like most athleisure brands these days. I own five pairs and am about to switch my internet browsers to purchase a few more pairs.

Sequined Sparkly Glittery Lip Print T-Shirt 

Every time I am online shopping on boutique sites, I am drawn to the fun graphic tees. However, I never actually get them because, for some ungodly reason, they are freaking $70?! I will never pay that amount for a t-shirt and I am not even sorry about that.

So, if you’re like me and have lusted after overpriced t-shirts, then this is for you! The best part? This adorable shirt is only $18.

TJN Blue Light Glasses

When I first started seeing Instagram influencers rave about blue light glasses I thought it was a bunch of nonsense. However, I started developing headaches from all the screen time that fills up my life and decided to try some out.

I found this adorable pair for $14 and they actually work! I have noticed that I have significantly less headaches when I am diligent about wearing the glasses. I’ve since purchased a second pair in a leopard print and am obsessed with both pairs.

Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

When Mason and I moved to Texas, we got rid of all of our furniture and took only what we could fit in our vehicles. Everyone thought we were crazy to do so, but we liked the idea of starting over with all new things in our new home. Plus, it made moving states much easier. While this is not something we could accomplish now, I am so glad we did it when we could.

One of the first things we purchased for our Texas move was a bed. Mason did lots of research and ended up deciding on this highly reviewed bed from Amazon. While I was skeptical at first, it turned out that the 10,000+ five star reviews were not wrong!

This bed is insanely comfortable and we sleep great on it. We went with the California King size mattress for only $234 and still love it a year and a half later. When we were ready to furnish the guest room, we got the same mattress in the queen size. All of our guests mention how comfortable the bed is during their stay.

Mellanni Bed Sheets

While we are on the topic of beds, I have to mention these sheets. We’ve been using these sheets for about 4-5 years now and I don’t see us changing anytime soon. As a matter of fact, these were the sheets that we had on our wedding registry because you can never have too many sets of good sheets.

Alternative Down Comforter

I’ve always loved fluffy bedding. However, my husband gets very hot at night so I couldn’t have the down comforter of my dreams on our bed without torturing him. I found this great alternative down comforter and have never looked back!

Cinnamon Tea

My husband has recently cut back on his caffeine intake and is replacing coffee with hot tea. Because he is a sweet angel, he always offers to also make me a cup of tea in the afternoon. It’s something that I look forward to now. This cinnamon tea is my favorite tea and one my house guests enjoy when they visit, as well. Do yourself a favor and try it out!

Al Dente Carba-Nada Pasta

Our main site,, has so many delicious and healthy recipes, but one of my favorites is the Breakfast Pasta for Two. I think I made it every day, for a month straight, at one point. It is one of the tastiest recipes my husband has created and you would never believe that it’s a healthy pasta!

That brings us to these noodles. They are the main component of this pasta recipe and so delicious. Most healthy pasta options out there are made from chickpeas or something with a strong aftertaste. As a picky eater, I am not likely to eat healthier pasta if it tastes too different from “real” pasta.

When I eat these egg based noodles, there is no aftertaste! I honestly can’t taste the difference between these and “real” pasta. Run, don’t walk to order these! You can have pasta for every meal and not feel guilty about it. What a time to be alive!

You Are A Badass Day-to-Day Calendar

Mason got me the book “You Are A Baddass” for our first Christmas together, so it’s really special to me. I also really enjoyed the book and was very excited to see this calendar on Amazon.

This small desk calendar got me through my last year working in the corporate world. I always looked forward to ripping off the page to see the next message. It’s a fun and motivational way to start each day!

Rabitgoo Dog Harness

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for being curious and excitable when outdoors. They are bird and squirrel hunters, after all. Sir John has always gotten way too excited when being outside and pulls on his leash very aggressively.

After nearly chocking himself on his regular collar and leash, we decided it was time to upgrade him to a harness to protect his little neck. I found this rabitgoo harness for $26 and figured it would be a good starter harness, if nothing else. While it was a bit of a learning curve for all of us getting used to the harness, it turned out to be the best thing we’ve ever done for him!

He is much more behaved on walks in the harness and we feel much safer knowing he can’t injure himself in it. It’s also great quality and has lasted us several years with no sign of deterioration.


My husband and I were introduced to this game by our friends and have been playing it every night since we got our own game. If you’re into puzzles you will love this game. Beware, it can get pretty competitive if you’re not careful!

iCarez Screen Protector

I drop my phone way too often, so it’s necessary for me to have all kinds of protection. I love that you can get these screen protectors in a set and that they are affordable. When I drop my phone and crack the screen protector, it’s nice knowing I have a replacement waiting for me upstairs to save me from the next inevitable drop.

Anker PowerCore Portable External Charger

There’s nothing worse than being at the airport and your phone is dying with no open outlet in sight. We all know that it’s impossible to find an outlet at the airport, no matter what airport you’re at. So, I always bring my portable charger for travel and it really is a game changer.

This charger holds a charge for a long time, so I am able to keep my phone and air pods charged up for my whole travel day. Travel is hard enough without all your tech dying on you!

European Travel Plug Adapters

For the last few summers I have gone to the UK and Europe for several weeks. I love planning these trips and researching everything I will need for my trip. I’m not one to get excited about electronics most of the time, but I am obsessed with electronics gears towards travel. Or anything geared towards travel, if I am being honest.

I purchased this set of adapters for my first trip in 2018 and have brought them on every trip since. I love that it comes in a set of three because I always have to share them with my less prepared travel companions.